Airport Internet Access

Airports are ok for internet access; whereas previous experiences have included myself paying £1 coins per minute (or fifteen) for access at a poor, difficult-to-use, clunky internet dumb terminal, nowadays there are WiFi access zones, and power points, where I can use my laptop & T-Mobile account.

You'd expect this from airports, as they are a fundamental building-block of modern globalisation, and along with coffee shops are a beacon of modernity.

But on the other extreme, why, in a world where technology and the Internet have driven people closer together and made business worldwide, are people travelling more and not less? It is not the technology at fault, but Human nature. Our instincts and drives are out-of-date. We are evolved for face-to-face contact when it is now more rational to stick to abstrac contact. Unfortunately, there are no readily available cures for Human nature.
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