A few of these updates I done a month ago! A few are from the last few days:
  • I've split my page on zombie films into two pages; Classic Zombie Films: the Slow Undead and Aggressive Zombie Films Where the Undead are Angry and Fast. And I've added reviews of Romero's latest films to the classic page, and a review of Osombie (where Osama Bin Laden comes back from the dead in Afghanistan!).

  • Democracy: Its Foundations and Modern Challenges - relaunched this page and moved it to a new domain. I've added several sections, including results of the Press Freedom Index, showing which are the best 25 and worst 25 countries, and added a large section on the Mass Media, largely concentrated on the negative effects on democracy.

  • Modern Mass Media: The Bane of Human Cultural Evolution - I've gone through all my notes from "Media Studies: The Basics" by Julian McDougall (2012). Although it was only a relatively light book, it still contained a few paragraphs I've quoted, and other factoids that I've added to this page, and, took the chance to clear up a few bits and make a few minor edits.

And finally:

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